Artz-RO Server Information and Features

Artz-RO Server Information and Features

Player Commands
warp - go - mail - allskills - feelreset - iteminfo - help - storage - breakguild - whosells
 - identify -hatch - alootid - time - uptime - changegm - afk - garbage - whereis - whodrops - storeall - guildstorage - sleep - hominfo - request
and many more..

Main Town
Arza City (design by: Artz-RO Admin)

1. Card Trader
- Trade a Cards to Points
2. Healer
- One Klick Full HP and SP
3. Lucky Eggs Shop
- Lucky Eggs Shop (Description: klick Here)
4. Breaker Ladder
- Breaker Points Shop and Breaker Ladder list
5. PVP Ladder
Streak Points Shop and list of PVP Ladder
6. Token Points Shop
- Treasure Hunter Quest Shop (Guide: Klick here)
7. Coin Trader
- Bronze, Silver and Gold Trader
8. AHT Exchanger
- AHT (Artz Heroes Ticket) Exchanger
9. MVP Warper
- MVP Arena Warper
10. Token Quest Warper
- Treasure Hunter Quest Warper
11. PVP Gambling
- PVP Gambling Registration
12. Gold Room
- Gold Room Warper
13. DB Room
- Dead Branch/Bloody Branch Room Warper
14. Adv Stylist
- Stylist (Dye, Hair Style)
15. Wings Enchanter
Wings Enchanter (Enchant Wings: STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX,  LUK up to +10)
16. Stats/Skills Reseter
- Stats and Skills Reseter
17. Donation Shop
- Proof of Donation Shop
18. Diabolus BTS Quest
- Quest Diabolus Armor, Boots, Robe and Helm
19. Broadcaster
- Broadcast/Shout NPC
20. Job Master
- 1st 2nd 3rd Job Changer (No Quest)
21. Platinum Skills
Get Platinum Skills (No Quest)
22. Universal Rental
- Cart and Riding Rental
23. Repairman
- One Klick Repair

Auto Events
1. Disguise
2. Poring Catcher
3. Stop the Clock
4. LMS
5. Novice LMS
6. Dice

1. Battleground
2. WOE

1. King of Emperium

1. Guild of the Month (GOTM)

Custom Skills Quest
Klick Here for the Complete Guides

- Soul Strike of Darkness (Sorcerer)
- Kage Bunshin Scrool (Kagerou - Oboro)
- Combo Attack (Ranger)
- Earthquake (Warlock)
- Fire Attack (Genetic)
- Silence Attack (Minstrell - Wanderer)
- Poison Knifes (Guillotine Cross)
- Telekinesis Attack (Sura)

Warp Command: @go 16

Armor and Wings


Warp Command: @go 25

Voting Shop
3rd Jobs Shop

WOE Time
Every Day 
21.00 - 22.00 GMT +8


Guild Packages

Guild Leader:
1x Valkyrie Armor
1x Valkyrie Shoes

1x Valkyrie Manteau

1x Valkyrie Shield

1x Valkyrie Helm
50x YggdrasilBerry Box
1000x Poring Coin
50x TCG
300x Silver Coin
100x Token Coin

Guild Members:
1x Valkyrie Armor
1x Valkyrie Shoes
1x Valkyrie Manteau
1x Valkyrie Shield
1x Valkyrie Helm
10x YggdrasilBerry Box
500x Poring Coin
15x TCG
100x Silver Coin

Requirements for Gpack: Klick HERE


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