Thanatos Quest Guide Artz-RO

Thanatos Quest Guide

Party Requirement: More than 5 party members
Job Requirements: Must be transcendent class for Level 7 and above
Item requirement:
  • Any level 4 weapon that your character can equip
  • Fragment of Despair – Despero of Thanatos - tha_t11 (1/30), tha_t07(2/30)
  • Fragment of Hatred – Dolor of Thanatos - tha_t09(1/30), tha_t05(2/30)
  • Fragment of Misery – Maero of Thanatos - tha_t10(1/30), tha_t06(2/30)
  • Fragment of Agony – Odium of Thanatos - tha_t08(2/30)

Thanatos Tower Quest

1. You’ll start to gather keys at the 3rd floor of the Thanatos tower. Go to (tha_t03 67 70) you’ll find a machine device. Click the device to investigate, you’ll obtain a red key.

2. You can find another machine device at the fourth floor (tha_t04 195 195). This is the tricky part. You have to guess the 3 digit number sequence before getting the yellow key. You cannot use a single number more than once or use the number 0. You have five tries in order to get the correct number sequence or you’ll have to restart again.  
Note: if you'd like help finding the number, try this site and follow the instructions.

3. At the fifth floor (tha_t05 61 177),  there will be a third mechanism. Insert the Red Key into the crack, followed by the Yellow Key. You will receive a Blue Key.

4. On 6F (tha_t06 226, 229), there will be a fourth mechanism. Nearby, there will be 5 wheels which you can turn and adjust. You will want to adjust them so that they are all in the same configuration, one solution is:
  • First Wheel - Option 1
  • Second Wheel - Option 2
  • Third Wheel - Option 3
  • Fourth Wheel - Option 1
  • Fifth Wheel - Option 1
Here you will obtain the Green Key.

5. Also on 6F (tha_t06 200, 180), you will find the last mechanism. Choose the 2nd option each time to obtain the Black Key.

6. Once you've obtained all 5 colored keys,

7. enter the portal in the Middle of (tha_t06) to enter the next floor and the Black Key will transform itself into the Black Charm Stone.

  • Note: You cannot enter the portal unless you have all five Keys. If you have any Charm Stones, you must sell them at an NPC first, then collect the corresponding Key before attempting to enter 7F.
  • Players who would like to access the 7th to 9th floor for hunting purposes only need to complete the quest up to this point. However, since the Black Key is transformed into a Charm Stone upon entering the 7th floor, players will need to discard it (by selling to an NPC) and repeat the 7th step before entering 7F for every journey.

8. On 8F (tha_t08 48, 59) you will find a set of Shining Crystals. Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone.

9. Talk to the 2nd set of Shining Crystals at (tha_t08 48, 147). Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone.

10. Talk to the 3rd set of Shining Crystals at (tha_t08 90, 147). Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone.

11. Talk to the last set of Shining Crystals at (tha_t08 90, 59). Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone.

12. You now obtain the five magical charm stones. Make your way to the 12th floor and enter the charm stones at the 5 statues.

13. On the 12th floor, start by placing the Yellow Charm Stone into the first statue (tha_t12 158 57) in the northeast direction. 

Note: if the charm cannot be put in the statue, and showing messages:
"The statue give off mysterious light. Strange power has blocked your access. The statue has such a strong light that I can't see or touch it."
 it means you have to wait about 2 hours or less, to complete the delay time quest has you made before.

14. Place the Green Charm Stone into the second statue (tha_t12 154 22) in the southeast direction

15. Then place the Blue Charm Stone into the third statue (tha_t12 104 22) in the southwest direction.

16. Place the Red Charm Stone into the fourth statue (tha_t12 96 58) in the northwest direction.

17. Finally, place the Black Charm Stone into the last statue (tha_t12 129 81) in the north direction. The pathway to the top of the tower should now appear in the center of the floor.

18. After you have insert the five charm stones, a portal (tha_t12 130 57) would open near the fifth statue

19. That ends the second part of the quest. You will find yourself at the thana_boss map. You need to insert the four fragments.

20. On the southeast platform you'll find a magic circle (thana_boss 217 167). For this you will need to have a Fragment of Misery or you will be unable to proceed. Fragment of Misery is dropped by Maero of Thanatos. Walk over the magic circle and enter "Fragment of Misery". At this time, a Maero of Thanatos will appear.

21. Once the first wave of monsters is defeated, proceed to the northeast platform (thana_boss 202 75). This time you will need a Fragment of Agony. Without this item, you will be unable to proceed. Place the "Fragment of Agony" in the magic circle, a Dolor of Thanatos will appear.

22. On the northwest platform (thana_boss 80 76), you will need a Fragment of Hatred. When you place the "Fragment of Hatred", a Odium of Thanatos will appear.

23. On the southwest platform (thana_boss 62 171), you will need a Fragment of Despair. When you place the "Fragment of Despair", an Despero of Thanatos will appear.

24. Once all 4 ghosts have been defeated, the party will be summoned to (xx, yy) on the north platform and after a short speech, Memory of Thanatos will spawn directly next to them. 

25. Following Thanatos' defeat, the party will have a short amount of time to pick up the drops before getting force warped back to 12F. There will be a 2 hour cooldown before he can be summoned again by anyone.

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