Note: all Trans classes that are max level are able to do this quest!

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part I a

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Talk to Prince Theodore III
After you express interest in becoming a knight, he will test your knowledge of the knighthood and its principles.

The answers are:

1st: Servant
2nd: Good, Light, and Life
3rd: Truth and Justice
4th: To use his might to protect the right
5th: Humble, Responsible, and Wise

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part I b

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Talk to Prince Theodore III
Once you have proven your knowledge, you must prove your strength and courage by returning with:
Posted Image 1000 Chivalry Emblems

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part I b

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Talk to Prince Theodore III
He then instructs you to go to help protect the lives of innocent Forsaken Citizens.

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part II

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Talk to the Distressed Citizen and offer your help

Forsaken Knight Quest- Part III

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Find out if the Travelling Forsaken Citizen has seen anything suspicious

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part IV

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Interrogate the Mischievous Man

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part V

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Follow him to his hideout

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part VI

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Quickly return to the Throne Room to protect the Prince

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part VII

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Return to the Missing Wife and Child

Forsaken Knight Quest - Part VIII

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Go back and talk to Prince Theodore III
Now that you've proven your bravery and wisdom, he will knight you. Congratulations!

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