Artz-RO Server Information and Features

Artz-RO Server Information and Features

Player Commands
warp - go - mail - allskills - feelreset - iteminfo - help - storage - breakguild - whosells
 - identify -hatch - alootid - time - uptime - changegm - afk - garbage - whereis - whodrops - storeall - guildstorage - sleep - hominfo - request
and many more..

Main Town
Arza City (design by: Artz-RO Admin)

1. Card Trader
- Trade a Cards to Points
2. Healer
- One Klick Full HP and SP
3. Lucky Eggs Shop
- Lucky Eggs Shop (Description: klick Here)
4. Breaker Ladder
- Breaker Points Shop and Breaker Ladder list
5. PVP Ladder
Streak Points Shop and list of PVP Ladder
6. Token Points Shop
- Treasure Hunter Quest Shop (Guide: Klick here)
7. Coin Trader
- Bronze, Silver and Gold Trader
8. AHT Exchanger
- AHT (Artz Heroes Ticket) Exchanger
9. MVP Warper
- MVP Arena Warper
10. Token Quest Warper
- Treasure Hunter Quest Warper
11. PVP Gambling
- PVP Gambling Registration
12. Gold Room
- Gold Room Warper
13. DB Room
- Dead Branch/Bloody Branch Room Warper
14. Adv Stylist
- Stylist (Dye, Hair Style)
15. Wings Enchanter
Wings Enchanter (Enchant Wings: STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX,  LUK up to +10)
16. Stats/Skills Reseter
- Stats and Skills Reseter
17. Donation Shop
- Proof of Donation Shop
18. Diabolus BTS Quest
- Quest Diabolus Armor, Boots, Robe and Helm
19. Broadcaster
- Broadcast/Shout NPC
20. Job Master
- 1st 2nd 3rd Job Changer (No Quest)
21. Platinum Skills
Get Platinum Skills (No Quest)
22. Universal Rental
- Cart and Riding Rental
23. Repairman
- One Klick Repair

Auto Events
1. Disguise
2. Poring Catcher
3. Stop the Clock
4. LMS
5. Novice LMS
6. Dice

1. Battleground
2. WOE

1. King of Emperium

1. Guild of the Month (GOTM)

Custom Skills Quest
Klick Here for the Complete Guides

- Soul Strike of Darkness (Sorcerer)
- Kage Bunshin Scrool (Kagerou - Oboro)
- Combo Attack (Ranger)
- Earthquake (Warlock)
- Fire Attack (Genetic)
- Silence Attack (Minstrell - Wanderer)
- Poison Knifes (Guillotine Cross)
- Telekinesis Attack (Sura)

Warp Command: @go 16

Armor and Wings


Warp Command: @go 25

Voting Shop
3rd Jobs Shop

WOE Time
Every Day 
21.00 - 22.00 GMT +8


Guild Packages

Guild Leader:
1x Valkyrie Armor
1x Valkyrie Shoes

1x Valkyrie Manteau

1x Valkyrie Shield
1x Valkyrie Helm
50x YggdrasilBerry Box
1000x Poring Coin
50x TCG
300x Silver Coin
100x Token Coin

Guild Members:
1x Valkyrie Armor
1x Valkyrie Shoes
1x Valkyrie Manteau
1x Valkyrie Shield
1x Valkyrie Helm
10x YggdrasilBerry Box
500x Poring Coin
15x TCG
100x Silver Coin

Requirements for Gpack: Klick HERE



Artz FlyFF Monsters

Flaris Monsters 
level 1~20 monsters


Saint Morning Monsters 
level 21~42 monsters



Garden of Rhisis Monsters 
level 43~49 monsters



Darkon 1 Monsters 
level 49~71 monsters



Darkon 2 Monsters 
level 15, 58~77 monsters



Darkon 3 Monsters 
level 60~105 monsters



Shaduwar Monsters 
level 105~118 monsters



Valley of the Risen‎ Monsters 
level 121 ~ 133 monsters



Kaillun Monsters 
level 129 ~ 140 monsters



Bahara Desert Monsters 
level 141 ~ 152 monsters




Artz Flyff Awakening

Awakening is the process of adding additional special stats to a piece of equipment. The stats that are added can be either positive or negative, so it's not always a good thing.
The following items can be awakened:
  • Any Weapon (Including: Unique and Ultimate Weapons)
  • Any Shield
  • Any Armor Suit
  • Helmet
Awaken your helmets to give them:
  • STR
  • DEX
  • INT
  • STA
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Max FP
  • Suit
Suit can get all awakenings.
  • Gauntlet
Awaken your gauntlets to give them:
  • Critical Hit (%)
  • Attack Power
  • Decreased Magic Casting TimeDMMT (+10% would make time shorter -10% would make time longer)
  • Attack Speed
  • Max MP
  • Max FP
  • Boots
Awaken your boots to give them:
  • Additional Damage of Critical Hit
  • Speed
  • Defense Power
  • Max HP
  • Max MP
  • Max FP

Awakening has a fee of 5m penya for each scroll bought. Awakening has a 100% success rate, and so can not fail. There is no chance of an item breaking during awakening. 

How to Awaken a Piece of Equipment

To awaken a piece of equipment, take it to NPC Asis in Flarine and Saint City. On her menu you will see the option "Trade." Here you can purchase a Scroll of Awakening. In the same manner as upgrading items:
Double Click the Scroll and click on the items that is going to be awakened, and wait. In a few short moments, the stats will be shown on the item. 

Canceling the Awakening

Once an item has been awakened, the only way to remove the awakened attributes is to use a  Scroll of Reversion, which can be purchased from the NPC Asis

Artz FlyFF Pet System

Getting a Pet

Pets hatch from Eggs, these are dropped by monsters that are Level 20 and higher; the higher your level, the greater your chances of getting an Egg. There are 2 ways of obtaining a pet from eggs.

  • First way to have a pet is to hatch an egg, you must go the the Pet Tamer and do his quest. You must then feed your Egg 50,000 Pet Feed to get its experience to 99.99%. Once this happens take your egg to a Pet Tamer NPC to get it hatched. A random Pet will hatch from the egg. 
  • (This can FAIL)The second way is to take 10 eggs to the Pet Tamer and he will exchange for a pet. Outcome is random and if it fails you get Pet Feed. 
You do not get to choose the type of Pet you receive. Pets can be traded, sold, and mailed.

Raising a Pet

To summon your pet, double click the Pet icon in your Inventory. Click on your Pet and select Pet Status to view vital Pet information. Your pet will lose 1 point of HP per second while it is summoned. Feeding Pet Feed to your Pet regenerates 2 HP per 1 Pet Feed. The only way to level your pet is to keep it out for extended periods of time. A Pet gains a fixed amount of experience a minute. When you un-summon your Pet it will lose 1 minute's worth of experience.

Creating Pet Feed

Pet Feed is created at the Pet Tamer NPC using Quest Items dropped by monsters. The higher the level of monster that dropped the item, the more Pet Feed the item will create. The higher level the monster drop, the more Pet Feed it will make. Here is a table with the values of feed per quest item.

Pet Awakening

 it is now possible to awaken stats on your beloved pet. To do so visit (Jewel Manager) Peach In Central Flarine. Open her shop by selecting the trade option in her menu. Here you will find Scroll of Pet Awakening. Note the Awakenings can be negative so proceed with caution.

Types of Pets

Babari Lion

The Babari Lion is able to go on for great lengths without getting tired. With this as your partner, you will be given Stamina.

White Tiger

The White Tiger is the most powerful of all Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given Strength.

Old Fox

The Old Fox is the most cunning creature in Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given Intelligence.


The Rabbit is the fastest creature in Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given Dexterity.


The Unicorn is the healthiest when it comes to the creatures of Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given Health Points.


The Griffin is able to resist even the mightiest blows. With this as your partner, you will be given Defense.


The Dragon is the fiercest of all the creatures. With this as your partner, you will be given Attack Power.

Pet's Lives and Deaths

A Pet will start with ONE LIFE when newly hatched. Zero lives means that the next time the pet loses a life it will die.Your pet can die by either having your pet summoned when you die (from losing all your hp due to a monster killing you), or by forgetting to feed your pet, pet feed. Also, Pets will not die due to your death in the Arena, Or PvP arena. Pets do not gain lives when they level up.
  • Pets will lose lives when they run out of HP or if you are killed while fighting Monsters.
  • If your pet dies, it is a sad time indeed. But do not fret, if your pet is of class B, A, or S there is a way to resurrect them.(Class D and C are unable to be resurrected using Pet Revival)

Artz FlyFF Party System

Creating A Party

To create a party you need two people. The person that wants to be leader will need to send an invitation to the second person, once they accept the party will be created.

Inviting People to a Party

There are three ways you can invite a person to a party, note that they must be on the same channel as the leader not already be in a party and an invite cannot be sent while the person is fighting.
Method One If you are standing next to the person you wish to invite you can alt+click on them and select 'Invite to join party' in that menu.
Method Two If the person you wish to invite is on your friends list you can right click on their name and select 'Invite to join party' there.
Method Three When neither of these options are availible you can use the party invite command in the chat bar. Type /PartyInvite player and the invitation will be sent.

Party Window

You can access this window by pressing the party hotkey 'P' As a leader this window will allow you to change the settings of your party.

Party Information
This shows your party name, level, exp and points.
  • Name The name you assign to your party when you change it to advanced until you change the party type the name will remain as Party.
  • Level The level of your party as this increases you gain more party points.
  • Exp For each kill that is made from a group of 2 or more people in the same area the party will gain experiance upon hitting 100% the party level will increase.
  • Points The remaining amount of party points, these are used on skills when you have an advanced party.

EXP Share
The way that experience is distributed between the members.
  • Level This is the starting setting for any party and can not be changed until the party is advanced. On this setting members will recieve a share that relates to their current level.
  • Contribution This setting gives the most experience to the person that is a contributing member.

Distribute Item
This is the way that items are shared between the party members.
  • Individually The person that picks up the item gains it.
  • Sequentially Items are divided equally between the members.
  • Manually The party leader gains all the items to redistribute later.
  • Randomly Items are passed to members randomly.

Main Window
This lists the members in order that they joined the party with the leader at the top. If the leader logs off the party is automatically passed to the next person on the list that is logged on.
There are boxes next to the name of each member which show as different colors depending on the status of the player.
  • Grey Box Player is online and not within range of you.
  • Black Box Player is offline.
  • Blue Box Player is online, within range of you and alive, you can also see their health bar in the party window.
  • Red Box Player is online, within range of you and dead.
  • Yellow Box This player is online, within range of you but is near death.

If you are the party leader you can transfer the leadership of the party to any other online member by selecting their name in the party window and clicking transfer.

By pressing this any member can leave the party. If you are the party leader you can also kick people from the party by selecting thier name and then clicking leave.

When the party reaches level 10 you can change to an advanced party by clicking this, you can then name the party and gain acsess to the party skills. If you do not change the party into Advance, the party will not lvl any further.

Party Skills

Party Skills can be used by the leader in an advanced party. Each skill benefits the party in some way. The basic skills (Call, Blitz, Retreat) are availible as soon as you change to advanced. The others require the party to be of a higher level.

  •  Call Out: Informs all party members of the location of the party leader.
  •  Blitz: Party leader orders party members to attack a target.
  •  Retreat: Party leader orders all party members to retreat.
  •  Precision: While the party leader and party members are attacking a target, the critical strike rate increases.
  •  Link Attack: While the party leader is attacking a target, damage increases for party members attacking the same target.
  •  Lucky Drop: Increases the chance of masquerpets dropping unique items.
  •  Resting: Party members recover 1.5 times faster. If the party leader is an Assist, party members recover 1.8 times faster.
  •  Treasure Hunter: Increases the amount of items dropped by masquerpets.


Artz FlyFF - Create a Guild

Starting NPC

Create Guild

Quest Starting Location: Sain City
Quest : Create Guild
NPC : (Public Office) Helena
Quest Requirement : 
  • Level 40
  • 3 million penya
  • Lead of a party with 2 other players that are eligible to enter a guild (they will be your first members)
To be eligible you must not have been in a guild for 48 hours
Objective : Talk to Helena. She will verify if you meet conditions. Then select "Quest in Progress" and you will be able to continue.

Artz FlyFF Lord System

The Lord System

The best players in the world of Madrigal are eligible to be voted the Lord of their server for 1 weeks. A player who is elected Lord, will be granted unique and exclusive powers and privileges. Who will be the master of your domain?

Benefits of Being a Lord

A winning Lord is granted a unique array of powers, abilities, and equipment. They are detailed below.

  • Start your own event

As Lord, you can start an EXP or Item Drop event on your server. Make sure you pay the appropriate amount of penya to the NPC ‘Lord Manager’.

The table below shows how much money the lord must pay to run an event for 1 hour. These events can not be stacked, and a new one can not be started until the one currently running ends.

Prices in Penya. (m= million / b= billion)

  • Get money
The Lord receives 45% of all collected taxes everyday by mail. The tax collected is from NPC shops tax, and entrance fees collected from the 'Forsaken Tower'.

Exclusive Skills

Exclusive Items

A winning Lord will receive a magnificent set of equipment which can be worn with honor and distinction for the duration of his/her lordship.
Please note that after your 2 weeks as Lord expires, these items will also expire.
  • 100 Red Chips (update 10-21-2014)
  • Cloak of the Sea God - All stats +20

How to Become a Lord

Friday (All day, 24 hour period): Candidates can submit their bids to become lord. (Minimum bid is 100,000,000 Penya) 

Candidates must be a Master or Hero. To vote for a candidate, the player must be at least level 60, and must have logged into the game once within the last 30 days. A player may only vote for one candidate.

Candidate Registration & Voting Schedule (weekends):
  • Saturdays: The top 10 applicants are accepted as candidates. For candidates who did not qualify, 98% of their bid is returned by mail at this time.
  • Saturday through Sunday (All day, 48 hour period): Let the voting begin! 
  • Note: Voters are blessed with Buff for Voters for one hour. The buff is 105% exp and drop rate.
Candidates must post a public pledge proclaiming why they should be voted Lord. This can be done by talking to the NPC Lord Manager in Northern Flarine. Players can make changes to their pledge, but a 1,000,000 Penya fee is required.
  • Sunday (end of day): Voting ends.


At least 10% of the eligible voting public must participate, or no Lord will be elected. Non Elected Candidates
Players that are not elected Lord will receive their bids as listed below in order of vote results.
  • Lord (1st) - Receives 100% of their bid.
  • 2nd - Receives 100% of their bid.
  • 3rd - Receives 80% of their bid.
  • 4th - Receives 60% of their bid.
  • 5th - Receives 40% of their bid.
  • 6th - Receives 20% of their bid.
  • 7~10th - Does not receive a refund for their bid.